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Job Injury in Rhode Island or SE Mass? You May Qualify For More Than Just Workers Comp

In both Massachusetts and Rhode Island, public employees who are hurt on the job can apply for additional financial support through their state's Accidental Disability Retirement (ADR) plan. Public employees include people who work for a state, city or town and most public authorities, though MBTA workers are not covered by ADR. If you have been contributing a percentage of your salary to the public employee pension system and suffered a work injury disability, you may be entitled to ADR benefits. Being able to obtain those benefits without the help of a powerful RI/MA disability attorney can be extremely difficult however. As disability attorneys for over 30 years, we believe that any civil servant who has been working hard his or her entire life and is laid up after a workplace injury deserves as much financial support as possible. Call us today to find out how we'll help you pursue your ADR pension benefits.

For State or City Job Injuries, Call a Knowledgeable ADR Attorney Who Will Fight For Your Rights

Whether you are suffering from a traumatic brain injurycarpal tunnel syndrome or devastating burn injuries, you deserve every penny of disability benefits for which you qualify. But the process of applying for Accidental Disability Benefits is complicated and there are many mandatory requirements. You may be eligible to apply for accidental disability benefits if:

  • you are a state employee;
  • you are a municipal employee;
  • you are a public school teacher;
  • you were injured while performing essential work tasks;
  • your injury prevents you from performing your job's specific duties;
  • you are under 65 years old;
  • you have a medical examination and evaluation by a regional medical panel;
  • you can prove your disability with medical evidence;
  • you file an application with the appropriate retirement board;
  • you attend a hearing before the retirement board.

From Providence to Fall River to Foxborough, a Wise Accidental Disability Retirement Lawyer Can Help

The ADR application and evaluation process can be overwhelming and confusing, with many complicated financial forms and questionnaires involved, followed by testimony at your ADR hearing. With a compassionate, dedicated disability attorney at your side, you may be able to obtain lifetime ADR benefits. Typically, ADR awards injured workers approximately two-thirds of their pre-injury wages, with any Workers Comp benefits being subtracted from that amount. Because we are a full-service law firm, we handle all aspects of your legal work injury and long-term disability situation, from filling out ADR paperwork to assessing your medical records to organizing all documents that need to be submitted with your Accidental Disability Retirement application.

We care about our clients and their families, and work diligently to ensure that all possible sources of disability compensation are explored. Call us today at (508)677-4900 or contact us online for a free case evaluation. Every conversation is personalized and confidential and you only pay us when we win your ADR case for you!