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You've most likely come to us because you were injured on the job and are finding it difficult to obtain Workers Compensation payments to help you recover. We at the Law Offices of Deborah G. Kohl know how hard it is to be laid up and unable to work because each of us has had loved ones who have been right where you are. You've worked hard your whole life, and now you've been injured on the job. Hire a tough, no-nonsense lawyer to go after your Worker Compensation benefits so you can recover on every front possible. Mt. Hope Bay region residents are hard-working, diligent and stoic, and when hurt on the job, they may not seek medical attention or legal representation. We respect the courage and pride of Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts employees, but we also care about anyone who was injured in a workplace accident and want to do all we can to help them recover-physically, emotionally and financially. Helping workers heal and alleviating the strain that workplace injuries put on entire families is why we do the work we do.

Rhode Island and Massachusetts Workers Injured on the Job Deserve Work Comp Benefits

For nearly 100 years, Workers Compensation coverage has been state law in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island, requiring employers to provide injured workers with medical treatment, occupational therapy, vocational rehabilitation and cash payments required to help them recover from on-the-job injuries. Common workplace injuries in Providence, Fall River, Foxborough and the entire Mt. Hope Bay region range from construction accidents and government job repetitive stress injuries to longshoreman toxic exposure illnesses, healthcare worker lifting injuries and trucker work-related car accidents. We believe all hard-working RI/MA residents who are hurt at work deserve every penny they have coming to them from their employer's Workers Compensation policy. Unfortunately, obtaining Work Comp payments can be a complicated, confusing process-but we can help.

Denied Work Comp Benefits? Dismissive Boss? Intimidating Insurance Adjusters? Call Us!

Perhaps you've already filed a Workmans Comp application but your Work Comp claim was denied. Maybe the employer-designated doctor that your boss sent you to didn't give you a chance to fully explain your work accident injury pain. Or your Work Comp insurance adjuster doesn't believe you were hurt at work and is refusing to award the compensation you need to recover. If it's a stress-related condition, such as heart attack at work, even you might be discounting it as unrelated to your job and don't know if it applies to Workers Compensation insurance. Now is the time to call us for a comprehensive and knowledgeable legal assessment of your Work Comp case. We work hard for every client, handling everything from negotiating the reduction of medical bills to arranging vocational rehabilitation to fighting for lost wages.

From Work Comp Appeal Hearings to Insurance Adjusters, We'll Fight For Your Rights

For three decades, we've been winning Massachusetts and Rhode Island Workers Compensation lawsuits, because we meticulously research each work injury, uncover vital evidence and build ironclad cases, one client at a time. If you are injured on the job and can't work for an extended period of time, you may also be eligible for lost wages and Social Security Disability benefits, which we will pursue for you as well. And if your work related injury involved the negligence of someone other than your employer, we will file a third party claim on your behalf. There are many crucial reasons to hire a Work Comp attorney, and we represent every type of RI/MA worker.

Call us today at (508)677-4900 or contact us online for a free case evaluation. Every conversation is personalized and private, there is no obligation and you pay us nothing until you win your Workers Comp case! We're the understanding, hard-working Rhode Island and Massachusetts Workers Comp legal team you want on your side.