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Job Stress Heart Attacks Can Be Debilitating and Deadly-Let Us Fight for Your Justice!

Many people don't think of heart attacks as workplace injuries. But job-related stress and other conditions can lead to heart trouble that causes serious harm. Proving a heart attack is work-related can be difficult. The experienced workers' compensation attorneys at The Law Offices of Deborah G. Kohl know how to build strong cases to help injured workers recover benefits.

If you had a heart attack and suspect that it was work-related, you need a tenacious Workers' Compensation attorney to go after the restitution you deserve. Stress-related job illnesses are very hard to prove by yourself because it's your word against the Work Comp insurance adjuster. They will most likely downplay the work-heart attack connection, and blame it on other stresses from home and life outside your job. But you may have a very high-pressure or high-stress job environment that has given you on-the-job high blood pressure, and maybe even a workplace stroke. Now, you think you have had a work stress heart attack and need to prove it to the employer-designated doctors who examine you. That's where we come in. With us by your side, they'll have to take you seriously because we will prepare a solid Work Compensation case that shows how your job pressures have impacted your heart health and caused long-term cardiovascular problems, such as cardiac arrhythmia (heart palpitations or irregular heartbeat), coronary disease or angina.

Workplace Cardiac Arrest Demands an Aggressive Workers' Compensation Attorney

Causes of job-related cardiac arrest vary greatly, from a catastrophic auto accident while on a business trip to electrocution at work. We find that most of our clients with a work-heart failure connection were suffering emotional trauma at work-and you may have come to us for that very reason. Maybe you're afraid to go to work because you feel threatened or tormented by a coworker. Perhaps your boss is pressuring you with unrealistic productivity expectations, such as filling impossibly high quotas or too many overtime hours. Your manager may be bullying you or maybe your supervisor has a violent temper and has pushed or hit you in anger. You may have been sexually harassed or even raped at work. If you are being mistreated emotionally or physically on the job, take action today. Your workplace medical problems may have started out with a stress-related ulcer, headaches, insomnia, panic attacks that eventually lead to racing pulse and, finally, heart attack-all due to stresses, tensions and mistreatment on the job. Returning to work after a heart attack can be stressful as well but, with our help, your Workers' Comp settlement will cover medical support you'll need in order to get back to work safely.

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