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Accident Injury While Driving On the Job? Call a Compassionate, Experienced Work Comp Lawyer

On-the-job accidents don't always happen at a place of business. Many workplace injuries occur on the road to people whose jobs involve travel. They have the same right to workers' compensation benefits as other workers, and also often face the same obstacles. The experienced workers' compensation attorneys at The Law Offices of Deborah G. Kohl fight for their rights.

Transportation industry accidents are a leading cause of workplace fatalities that take place in this country every year. Whether you are a salesperson making business trips, a delivery van driver, a bus driver, trucker, cab driver, train engineer or airline pilot, you risk injury, even death, on the job, every day. By law, all Rhode Island and Massachusetts job-related motor vehicle accident victims are covered by Workers' Compensation insurance, but proving that you were not the responsible party can be incredibly difficult. You may have been driving a company car with defective brakes that made you rear-end a motorcycle in front of you at a red light. Your delivery van may have had faulty steering, causing you to veer into oncoming traffic. Or the commercial semi-truck you drive may have been overloaded with more cargo than it can safely carry, due to pressure from your bosses to pack in as much as possible, so you lost control on a downhill slope. No matter what the cause, if you were hurt while driving on the job, we will help pursue the justice you deserve.

RI and MA Transit Workers, Delivery Drivers and Law Enforcement Risk Their Lives Every Day

With so much public transit in the area, perhaps you are the driver of an MBTA bus, train, commuter rail, shuttle, boat or ferry that was involved in an accident. Or your work may involve driving fire trucks, police cruisers or ambulances. With so many distracted drivers on the roads throughout the Providence, Rhode Island and Fall River, Massachusetts and Boston region, auto accidents take place every day. Commercial big rigs are often involved in highway collisions, on I-95, I-195, I-295 and I-495, as well as Route 44, Highway 79 and 24, the Boston-Fall River Expressway. Collecting Workers' Compensation benefits when it's your word against the Workers' Comp insurance adjuster can sometimes be impossible without the help of a tough, seasoned Work Comp attorney by your side. If someone else caused the accident-a pedestrian, another driver or the manufacturer of a defective company vehicle you were driving-we can file a third party claim for you as well, so that the at-fault driver or faulty vehicle maker is held responsible.

If you suffered a work-related vehicle accident, let one of our workers' compensation attorneys help you pursue the restitution you deserve. If you lost a loved one in an on-the-job crash death, we will go after wrongful death benefits on your family's behalf. Call the Law Offices of Deborah G. Kohl today at (508)677-4900 or contact us online for a free case evaluation. Every discussion is private and personalized, and we serve injured workers throughout the Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts region, including Fall River, Foxborough, Providence and Boston.


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