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Let an Experienced Social Security Disability Lawyer Ensure a 100% Accurate SSDI Application

The Social Security Administration not only demands a great deal of information about your injury, illness, disease or disability, but also detailed documentation of job duties, work history and daily habits. Your entire Social Security Disability claim depends on you providing every single medical, job and financial record required when applying for disability benefits. This may include a full list of every healthcare provider who treated you, every medication prescribed, and every task that you do each day at work and at home. Whether you live in Providence, Foxborough, Tiverton, Fall River, Boston or New Bedford, you need a seasoned SSD attorney who can make sure your SSDI claim is complete and correct.

Without Aggressive SSDI Attorney on Your Side, Your SSD Application Will Likely Be Denied

Here are just some of the many common SSD application mistakes that cause a rejected SSD claim:

  • Financial mistakes, such as income numbers that don't match those on your W-2 tax forms;
  • Work details left out, which must include every task that may be related to your SSDI claim;
  • Incomplete medical records, which must list all doctors, diagnoses, prescriptions and treatments;
  • Incorrect legal information regarding employer information, dates, code numbers or I.D. numbers;
  • Illegible handwriting, confusing grammar, typos due to inadequate proofreading, and other mistakes.

Whether You Haven't Applied or Already Got Denied, We Will Help Your SSD Case!

If you leave out anything that is related to your Social Security Disability Insurance case, you will most likely find yourself appealing a denied claim, months or even years down the road-unless you have a tough, wise SSDI attorney in your corner. Don't delay the SSDI or SSI payments you have earned and now need in order to make ends meet. Call the experienced Social Security Disability attorneys at the Law Offices of Deborah G. Kohl. We care about your well-being and are the SSD legal team you want on your side. Call us at (508)677-4900 or contact us online today for a free case evaluation. Each discussion is confidential and personalized, and you pay nothing to us until we win your case for you!


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