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Win the Disability Benefits You Deserve with a Powerful SSDI/SSI Lawyer By Your Side!

There are many reasons to hire the renowned, compassionate, dedicated Social Security Disability attorneys at the Law Offices of Deborah G. Kohl:

  • We will help answer vital legal questions on your SSDI and SSI applications;
  • We will extensively prepare for and represent you at ALJ hearings;
  • We write our own comprehensive, ironclad legal briefs to support our SSDI and SSI cases;
  • We have hands-on expertise and relationships with the Federal Court and Lower Courts;
  • We can use every legal avenue to overturn a denied SSDI and SSI case.

Experienced, No-Nonsense MA/RI Disability Attorneys Who Will Go to Bat-and to Court-For You

It is important to be aware that, even though so-called "SSD advocates" say they can help you pursue SSDI and SSI benefits, they cannot offer any of the above services because they are not lawyers. Legal "advocates" companies are simply franchise businesses that anyone can own, whether they have any legal training, much less a law degree. Their sole purpose is to make money by exploiting injured, ill or otherwise disabled residents who are trying to get their life back after a workplace injury, auto accident, long-term illness or death of a spouse. They will charge a steep hourly rate and take a large percentage of your SSDI/SSI benefits, but cannot offer the full legal services of an actual attorney in return.

We are hard-working disability attorneys who have devoted our careers to helping disabled people who can't work, by pursuing the Social Security Disability benefits they have coming to them. Call the Law Offices of Deborah G. Kohl today at (508)677-4900 or contact us online for a free case evaluation. Every conversation is confidential, there is no obligation and you pay nothing until you win. Relentless, knowledgeable, aggressive and capable-that's us.


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