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You May Qualify For Rhode Island or Massachusetts SSDI Benefits-Let Us Fight for Your Rights

Many good, hard-working people don't apply for Social Security Disability benefits because they don't think they are eligible, that too much time has passed since their injury or that they can't appeal a denied SSD claim. As compassionate, experienced SSDI attorneys helping injured and disabled Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts residents for over 35 years, we want to help you recover, on every front. When you hire us to handle your SSDI claim, we will assess your entire financial and medical situation, explain the details of SSDI eligibility to you and navigate the complicated SSDI application process on your behalf.

If You Can't Work Due to Injury, Disease or Illness, You Could Have SSDI Payments Coming To You!

We represent people with many types of disabling injuries and diseases-from severe back or neck injuries and repetitive stress injuries to heart attacks and traumatic brain injury. We will work hard to show that your disability prevents you from doing the type of work you have done in the past or other work available to people of your age and experience level.

If you fall into any of the following categories, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits:

  • you were injured due to a car crash, work accident other mishap
  • are disabled because of an illness, disease, injury or emotional trauma
  • became disabled after your husband or wife died
  • became disabled before age 22
  • became disabled due to military service
  • have a disability, mental or physical, that is expected to last a year or result in death
  • are related to a disabled worker and eligible for SSD benefits under his or her account

Social Security Disability Eligibility Is Hard to Assess, But We Will Explain If You Qualify

The Social Security Administration defines disability very clearly, and if you fall into one of the above categories and meet income requirements, you could qualify for monthly SSDI payments. Convincing the government that you are eligible can be extremely difficult, however, because there are many common application mistakes that will cause your SSDI application to be denied. The harsh truth is that without a powerful, seasoned SSDI attorney by your side, it can be impossible to collect SSDI payments. If you are under 50, the government will require proof that you are disabled from every type of work. You may also be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, which assist those with limited resources, a low income and people who are self-employed, including business owners, consultants, homemakers and farmers.

The knowledgeable, aggressive SSDI attorneys at Deborah G. Kohl serve injured and disabled residents of the entire Providence, Fall River and Foxborough area.Call us today at (508)677-4900 or contact us online for a free case evaluation. You pay nothing unless you win and there is no obligation.


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