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With a Respected, Hard-Working SSD Attorney, the ALJ Hearing Can Reverse Your Denied SSD Claim

Social Security Disability hearings are called ALJ hearings-for Administrative Law Judge-because that is the person who presides over the hearings. These proceedings are usually less formal than other personal injury hearings, such as car accident or Workers' Compensation hearings, and often take less than an hour. What happens in that hour, however, is crucial and your entire case hinges on whether your case is well-prepared or not-and that can mean the difference between struggling to make ends meet and being able to have money for bills and overall peace of mind. Preparing for a disability hearing can be a huge undertaking on your own. With a precise, organized and knowledgeable SSDI attorney working with you from preparation to hearing, you will know you're in good hands and are far more likely to obtain the SSDI payments you deserve.

We're Used to Facing Administrative Law Judges in SSDI Court-Let Us Represent You Too

Once we have all of your documents and forms in order, the hearing itself will involve the ALJ, who may sit at a judge's bench (or raised podium) in traditional black robes. At the beginning of the hearing, the court reporter will swear everyone in and the judge will proceed to ask you and your witnesses questions about the nature of your work, current limitations and other disability evidence. If a vocational expert (VE) is present, the judge may ask him or her what jobs a person with your limitations could perform. The judge may not ask you any questions during the hearing, in which case we, as your SSDI attorney, will speak on your behalf. In that case the judge will most likely give you the opportunity to speak at the end of the hearing.

Rhode Island and Southeastern, Massachusetts SSDI and SSI Hearings Can Be Difficult-We Can Help!

If we feel the outcome of your denied SSDI claim appeal hearing could be improved by your input, we will ask for you to be heard and will have prepared you fully beforehand. If you cannot or do not wish to attend, you can request to be excused from it. Hearings may also be arranged via video conferencing, to make it more convenient for you and/or witnesses to attend.

Don't take on an ALJ hearing alone-you could end up back where you started, with nothing to show for your time and effort. With the Law Offices of Deborah G. Kohl by your side, however, you will have 35 years of our excellent reputation, SSDI court connections and legal resources behind you. Call us today at (508)677-4900 or contact us online for a free case evaluation. There is no obligation and you pay nothing until we win your SSDI or SSI case for you! Serving the Providence, Fall River, and Foxborough area.


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