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Massachusetts and Rhode Island Chemical Spills and Toxic Fume Inhalation Can Be Debilitating

Exposure to toxic spills, hazardous chemicals, gas leaks and dangerous dusts take place frequently in all types of workplaces. People who work in hardware stores, home supply stores, factories, tunnels, gas stations, hospitals, pharmacies, even schools, government buildings and in public transit jobs may be at risk of breathing in dangerous toxins. Here are just a few symptoms of toxic fume and dust inhalation:

  • Dizziness, headaches and fatigue
  • Diarrhea, nausea and vomiting
  • Chemical burns in the lungs and on skin
  • Tingling or numbness in extremities
  • Can't swallow
  • Itchy, burning eyes
  • Racing heart or palpitations
  • High temperature

If You Inhaled Toxic Fumes at Work, Call a Tough Workers Comp Attorney to Fight For Your Rights

Proving you've been injured at work by hazardous fumes or chemicals can be extremely difficult, especially without the help of an experienced Work Comp attorney. Workers Comp insurance adjustersoften downplay the health risks of chemical exposure, trying to convince employees that it's nothing and that some aspirin should take care of it. Very often, a toxic exposure job injury claim is denied, which can mean taking on the complex Workers Comp appeals process. But with us on your side to pursue the Workers Compensation benefits you have coming to you, you can rest assured that you have a tough, knowledgeable team with 30 years of Work Comp experience behind you.

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