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Massachusetts and Rhode Island Workers Suffer Job-Related Electrocutions Every Day

Electricians and their apprentices suffer almost one-fifth of job-related electrocutions in this country, but live wire injuries and burns-as well as electrocution deaths-can happen to employees in every industry. Construction workers are electrocuted every year, from welders, carpenters and plumbers to heavy machinery operators, bricklayers, painters and sheet rockers. Jobs in which workers handle electrical wires, outlets, transformers or circuit breakers pose electrocution risks every day. More than 40 percent of worker electrocution fatalities happen when a worker or the equipment he or she is using comes into contact with live, overhead power lines. The result can be severe burn injuries, nerve pain, neurological damage, pain or numbness in the hands or feet, even broken bones and work-related heart attacks. We know how devastating these injuries can be for victims and their families-and we can help.

High Voltage Shock Injuries at Work? Electrocuted On the Job? Call a Tough Work Comp Lawyer

Construction worker electrocutions from live electric currents are far more common than in other professions, due to overhead power lines near to workers on or in cranes, bulldozers, bucket trucks, scaffolding and metal ladders. Utility workers are also electrocuted in crawl spaces, basements, ceilings, attics or when drilling through walls and floors, when they hit underground wires or main lines whose circuit breaker is still on. Anyone can suffer shocks from defective plugs, faulty outlets, frayed extension cords. Workers who repair machines and appliances, who install or fix lighting or neon signs, and who rig stage lighting are also at risk for electrocution. Workers Compensation benefits apply to all these sorts of injuries and we will pursue every penny you have coming to you!

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