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Injured in a Massachusetts or Rhode Island Industrial Accident? Call a Tough Work Comp Attorney!

Many workers do their jobs on industrial sites with or near machinery or heavy equipment. Safety procedures are required to protect these workers, but an accident can happen at any time that causes serious injuries. The workers' compensation attorneys at The Law Offices of Deborah G. Kohl fight for the rights of injured workers.

Industrial or machine accidents typically cause severe injuries, from traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury to broken bones and toxic fume inhalation. If you were hurt at an industrial plant, such as a factory or warehouse, or you suffered a heavy machinery injury, the two most important things you need are high quality medical attention and powerful legal representation. At the Law Offices of Deborah G. Kohl in Fall River, Massachusetts, we offer 35 years of experience helping clients tackling serious physical, emotional and financial hardship. We are compassionate with clients and aggressive with opponents, taking on intimidating Work Comp insurance company adjusters who may downplay your injuries and pressure you into accepting a low-ball offer.

Industrial and Machine Injuries Can Be Debilitating and Deadly-Let Us Fight For Your Rights

If you work on an industrial work site and/or operate heavy equipment and machinery at work every day, you could suffer any number of devastating accidents:

  • Falls and impact accidents
  • Defective machine accidents
  • Inadequate safety or protective gear injuries
  • Crane, bulldozer or backhoe accidents
  • Welder arc flash blindness or skin burns
  • Faulty power tool accidents
  • Amputations or loss of limb injuries
  • 'Caught-in' or 'stuck-between' accidents
  • Restaurant grinder, stove or slip and fall injuries
  • Work-related car accidents
  • Electrocution on the job
  • Asbestos exposure & mesothelioma
  • Fatal workplace accidents
  • Negligent manager, foreman or supervisor

The workers' compensation system is supposed to help if you've been injured in an industrial or machine accident. But employers and insurance companies can - and often do - challenge claims. They may question the extent of your injuries, or whether you need further treatment. They may even decide you are ready to return to work even if you are still recovering from your injuries.

Whether you work on a construction site, in the maritime industry as a longshoreman, in the food industry, hospitality, manufacturing, a government job or you are a trucker, carpenter, machinist, plumber, electrician, tradesman or skilled laborer of some kind, we are here to help you get the Workers' Compensation benefits you deserve. For over 35 years, we have handled an extremely broad range of industrial accident injury cases and are known for our compassion, our diligence and our high success rate.

If you suffered a machining injury or an industrial injury of any kind, you many need Work Comp coverage for everything from surgery to vocational rehabilitation to lost wages. And if you lost a loved one in an industrial accident death, we will pursue wrongful death benefits on your behalf. Call the Law Offices of Deborah G. Kohl today at (508)677-4900 or contact us online for a free case evaluation. Every discussion with our workers' compensation attorneys is personalized and private and we serve the entire Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts area, from Fall River, Foxborough and Tiverton to Providence, New Bedford and Boston.


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