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Massachusetts and Rhode Island Workplace Lifting Injuries are Covered by Work Compensation

Each year, over one million workplace back injuries occur and most are caused by lifting heavy objects. For many workers in the Mt. Hope Bay area, heavy lifting at work is a constant source of back injury, neck pain, arm sprains and shoulder problems. This is especially true for construction workers, longshoremen, dock workers, harbor workers and healthcare industry employees. Likewise, truckers, factory inventory workers and delivery drivers hurt their backs frequently when lifting heavy loads and moving cargo. There are many circumstances that lead to workplace lifting injuries and all of them qualify for Workers Compensation benefits:

  • lifting patients off of gurneys and beds
  • pushing heavy patients in wheelchairs
  • helping large patients walk
  • unloading and loading commercial trucks
  • moving and stocking inventory
  • operating heavy equipment
  • handling forklift loads
  • filling delivery vans with boxes
  • sorting moving company cargo
  • carrying weighty garbage cans

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