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With three decades of defending Foxborough area residents who need financial help during tough times, we offer a great deal of expertise in Massachusetts Social Security Disability law. We help injured and disabled residents obtain the disability benefits they have earned throughout their working lives. We know the process of applying for disability compensation is complicated and that appealing a denied claim can be very confusing. We will do whatever is required to defend your rights, including going to SSD hearings on your behalf if needed.

The determined Social Security Disability attorneys at the Law Offices of Deborah G. Kohl have over 30 years of fighting for the rights of disabled and injured Foxborough residents who can't work.

We also offer dedicated legal representation to people who are struggling financially and need Supplemental Security Income payments to help pay the bills. We take on the Social Security Administration for every client, going after every SSD or SSI dime that the government rightfully owes. If you are unable go to work because of injuries that require a Foxborough car accident lawyer or a Foxborough Workers Comp lawyer, we will help you with those cases as well. We are a full service law firm and will fight on every front for your rights.

Call a Tenacious Foxborough SSD Lawyer Who Will Pursue the SSD Benefits You Need and Deserve

You've worked hard your whole life, paying into the SSD system with each paycheck. If you now need help due to a job injury, personal injury because of someone else's negligence or a devastating chronic disease that has you laid up, we're the legal team you need. Now's the time to call a hard-working SSD lawyer in Foxborough who will fight for your rights. Call us today at 508-717-3596 or contact us online for a free case evaluation. There is no obligation and you don't pay a thing until you win your SSD claim case!

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