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Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Injuries? Injured Rhode Island Biker? We Can Help

Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable people on Massachusetts and Rhode Island roads. With so many distracted drivers and DWI arrests in our region, bikers must be more cautious than ever.

We also understand that motorcyclists are often accused of driving recklessly and that, when it's your word against a trucking company or a car insurance adjuster, it can seem overwhelming. Motorcyclists can be involved in many types of accidents, due to dangerous traffic conditions, other negligent drivers and often not being visible to other drivers. And any injured motorcycle driver and passenger needs a tough, experienced and compassionate personal injury lawyer in their corner.

With a Fearless Motorcycle Crash Attorney On Your Side, You Can Win Your Personal Injury Case!

Perhaps you've found us because a sleepy trucker on I-95 in Providence swerved, forcing you into oncoming traffic and a head-on collision occurred. Or maybe a drunk driver in Fall River had you in his blind spot and you were sideswiped. You may have spilled out on gravel outside of Foxborough or lost control of your bike on an icy road in Newport. As knowledgeable, trusted personal injury attorneys, we will take care of your motorcycle accident case every step of the way. We fill out legal forms, take photos at the scene of the accident, interview witnesses and ensure that all crash evidence is preserved. We will recommend the right doctors for your medical treatment and help you get your motorcycle repaired or replaced if it was totaled in the wreck. When dealing with insurance companies, we're fearless and diligent, tirelessly going after every penny of compensation our clients deserve.

MA/RI Biker Injuries Can Be Devastating, Even Deadly-Let Us Go to Bat For You and Your Family

Most motorcycles weigh only a few hundred pounds, and when bikers are hit by 5,000-lb. cars or 80,000-lb. commercial semi-trucks, they rarely escape without severe injuries, no matter how much protective gear they wear. Motorcycle wreck injuries range from lacerations, abrasions and road burn to spinal cord injury, paralysis and coma. Even bikers wearing motorcycle helmets can suffer traumatic brain injury requiring hospitalization, MRIs and, very often, long-term neurological and physical rehabilitation treatments. In order to obtain a large enough settlement to cover all these costly medical bills, an injured motorcyclist needs a hard-working, aggressive personal injury lawyer.

Motorcycle Crash Victims Need Experienced Relentless Legal Representation-Call Us Today

If you or a loved one suffered from motorcycles accident injuries or if you lost a relative in a motorcycle crash fatality, we will go after the restitution you deserve. Call the Law Offices of Deborah G. Kohl at (508)677-4900 or contact us online for a free case evaluation. Every discussion is personalized and confidential and you pay nothing unless you win. Serving the entire Providence, Fall River, Foxborough, Middleboro, New Bedford, Newport and Tiverton area.


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