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If You are a Bicyclist or Pedestrian Hit By a Distracted Driver in RI or MA, We Can Help

Though car accidents fill the headlines, very often innocent nearby pedestrians and bicyclists are injured or killed by motor vehicle collisions as well. Many of our clients come to us because they were hit by a car, motorcycle, truck, taxi or bus-even a fire truck, ambulance or police car on a chase-while they themselves were not in a vehicle. It is important that you know you have the same rights as the drunk car driver, sleepy trucker or distracted cabbie who hit you, and we will fight hard for your justice. Cyclists and pedestrians are run over by distracted, reckless, speeding and drunk drivers in every type of situation, including:

  • someone hailing a cab
  • kids in school crosswalks
  • jogger on the edge of the road
  • elderly person crossing the street
  • people jaywalking
  • cyclist in a bike lane
  • bicyclist commuting to work
  • child learning to ride a bike
  • cycling club riding on rural road
  • kids biking to school

Run Over While Walking? Hit By a Car While Riding a Bike? Let Us Go to Bat For Your Rights

We are not only experienced bike accident and injured pedestrian attorneys, we are bicyclists and pedestrians ourselves. We see the hazards bicyclists and walkers must risk each day on southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island busy streets. People walking at night are particularly vulnerable to getting run down by a vehicle, but even bicyclists wearing bike helmets, reflectors and bike lights can be invisible to cars, especially in heavy rush hour traffic. Because cars weigh approximately 5,000 pounds, and trucks up to 80,000 lbs., walkers and cyclists injured in collisions can suffer devastating consequences, including traumatic brain injuryspinal cord injury and broken bones. We've seen the catastrophic results of pedestrian-vehicle accidents and bicyclist-vehicle crashes, and we have great compassion for anyone who has suffered such a difficult ordeal.

If you were hurt while walking or bicycling or if your child was hit by a car, don't wait-contact us today. And if you lost a loved one hit by a vehicle while riding a bike or walking, we will aggressively pursue a wrongful death claim for you and your family. Call the Law Offices of Deborah G. Kohl today at (508)677-4900 or contact us online for a free case evaluation. Every discussion is personalized and private, and you pay nothing unless you win. Serving the entire Providence, RI, Fall River and Foxborough, MA region.


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